midweek links


Happy Hump Day! How did you get through the day? This morning, I took Hux and a friend to the New York Hall of Science (future post for sure). After preschool pickup, we did some weeding and played in our little garden followed by a pre-dinner bath, a special dinner of pancakes and sausage in front of Beauty and the Beast, coloring, and a kids’ bedtime yoga video which ended with both kids running around like crazy people while I stretched and did legs up the wall along with the little cartoon yogi. Phew. Here are few fun reads to ease you toward the end of the week.

The Love Actually Reunion…how has it been 14 years? I clearly remember seeing the original movie in the theatre and my rude then-boyfriend (now my rude husband) turning to me as the credits rolled and saying, “I thought you said this wasn’t a chick flick?”

I want to print out some of these debt free charts

Made me laugh

So many conversations about this comic and the mental load in general happening in mom groups.

Free sunscreen at NYC beaches this summer

Saltwaters are the best. I wear them and my kids wear them pretty much every day all summer long.

summer reading lists

I love a good summer project. It’s time to start trying the 12 best ice cream parlors in NYC

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