delicious things we had last week

My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe

Blue Apron baked bbq chicken and potato salad– I love Blue Apron, but we can’t afford to use them regularly. But I do try out their recipes pretty often to provide a little inspiration to my regular menu.

Fish tacos (and breakfast tacos with the leftover components)- when I’m short on time, the frozen breaded fish from Trader Joe’s work just great in these tacos.

Pancakes– these were suggested on a favorite pancakes thread in my neighborhood moms fb group and have become my go-to quick pancakes.  I usually substitute thinned Greek yogurt for the buttermilk since we rarely have buttermilk on hand.

The Bomb (every meat, cheese, peppers, condiment they have) from Sal, Kris, and Charlie’s Deli was the perfect beach lunch.

Otsu– the best way to serve tofu

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Beer is back at the Astoria Beer Garden and at a bodega near you. My favorite summer beer. It’s 50% wheat beer and 50% juice so it has an alcohol content of just 2.5%, making it perfect for day drinking, nursing mothers,  and, ahem, those who still need to be responsible for getting their kids through bath and bedtime after a few hours at the beer garden.

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