SHASTYE Art Camp- 100 Days of Summer, Day 10

This morning, Huxley and I attended our first day of art camp at SHASTYE Art Gallery and Playspace. We’ll be going most weekdays in June and I’m so excited. SHASTYE is a space for drop-in open art play- brilliant when you want your kids to enjoy some art time, but don’t want to deal with the setup and clean-up. They also host classes, special events, and parties.

I used to go quite a bit to SHASTYE with Beatrice when they first opened a year and a half ago, but then Hux got mobile and proved to be a bit of a wild child so I haven’t been in several months. At almost 2.5, he’s now the perfect age to enjoy the activities there (with frequent reminders to stop eating the damn paint). The “art camp” this month consists of an hour of open art play followed by a walk to Astoria Park for a French, yoga/dance, music, or art masters class plus snacktime and some time playing with giant bubbles. On Mondays, everyone stays at SHASTYE for an Allergic to Salad cooking class.

Hux was exhausted (in a good way) after such a busy morning and couldn’t wait to show off his Basquiat-inspired collage from the art play and the “Elmer l’elephant” he made in French class to Pete and Beatrice later. It’s going to be such a fun month!


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