midweek links…2 days late

It has been an EXHAUSTING week. Kicking back tonight and starting the new season of OITNB. My friend works for the show so we’re enjoying their special “hooch” while we watch.

A great app. Such an easy way to help someone out during a spare moment in your day.

The Tonys are this weekend! I can’t wait! And love this essay written from Nora’s perspective.

How to raise a feminist son

My daughter was born Hard of Hearing. The bias we encountered against using ASL   was crazy surprising and something we ultimately rejected.

The public pianos are back! There’s one a few blocks away from our apartment that makes dog walks with the kids way more fun.

I always wonder if I should speak up when I see parents doing this at the playground. So far, my non-confrontational self hasn’t said anything.

made me laugh

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