NYC Beaches- Jacob Riis

We went to one of our favorite NYC beaches today with Beatrice’s preschool class:  Jacob Riis Park, also known as “The People’s Beach”. It was super-windy and too cold for swimming, but still a beautiful day. The kids loved playing in the sand and wading and chasing the waves. Hux was so happy standing and holding one of our hands at the edge of the water, where the waves would frequently drench his torso. He was blue-lipped and shivering and had to be bribed with the promise of lunch to go warm up on our blanket.

Although a bit of a schlep for us, Jacob Riis is cleaner and quieter than many NYC beaches.  Easy parking and good facilities- the art deco bath house was built in 1932 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Even better, they have awesome food vendors, including Fletcher’s BBQ and the beloved Ample Hills ice cream (my favorite flavor is The Munchies- pretzel infused ice cream swirled with clusters of Ritz Crackers, potato chips, pretzels and mini M&M’s), pretty much the perfect way to end a beach day.



midweek links


Happy Hump Day! How did you get through the day? This morning, I took Hux and a friend to the New York Hall of Science (future post for sure). After preschool pickup, we did some weeding and played in our little garden followed by a pre-dinner bath, a special dinner of pancakes and sausage in front of Beauty and the Beast, coloring, and a kids’ bedtime yoga video which ended with both kids running around like crazy people while I stretched and did legs up the wall along with the little cartoon yogi. Phew. Here are few fun reads to ease you toward the end of the week.

The Love Actually Reunion…how has it been 14 years? I clearly remember seeing the original movie in the theatre and my rude then-boyfriend (now my rude husband) turning to me as the credits rolled and saying, “I thought you said this wasn’t a chick flick?”

I want to print out some of these debt free charts

Made me laugh

So many conversations about this comic and the mental load in general happening in mom groups.

Free sunscreen at NYC beaches this summer

Saltwaters are the best. I wear them and my kids wear them pretty much every day all summer long.

summer reading lists

I love a good summer project. It’s time to start trying the 12 best ice cream parlors in NYC

100 Days of Summer 2017, Day 3


Beatrice loooooves these glasses she received in a classmate’s birthday party favor bag (they were sunglasses but she quickly popped out the lenses). Bath time, bedtime, anytime is the right time for the pink monkey glasses haha.

Also, help! How do I deal with that grody shower wall? Bleach? Does it need regrouting? Regular scrubbing isn’t doing the job.

Kids Bowl Free- 100 Days of Summer 2017, Day 2


Today was Memorial Day, but it was rainy and grey, Pete had to work all day, trains were screwy, and holiday traffic compelled me to stay close to home. What to do? We made chocolate chip cookies, watched a couple movies, and went bowling with a bunch of friends. Because nothing says holiday fun like 7 kids under the age of 5 pushing around bowling balls and constantly exclaiming, “It’s my turn now!!”

Do you know about Kids Bowl Free? It’s a program where kids get to bowl up to 2 free games every day all summer long. There are over 1200 participating bowling alleys nationwide. There’s also an option to purchase a Family Pass for the summer (around $30 for up to 4 adults) which I totally nabbed since at our neighborhood spot the pass pays for itself in just 3 visits.

Our local bowling alley is Astoria Bowl. It’s not one of those hipster NYC bowling alleys with cool music and swanky furnishings and artisanal cheese plates – none of those places participate in this program as far as I know. It’s old school with a bar and arcade games and a snack bar. I wouldn’t have thought bowling would be a good activity choice for a 4 year-old and a 2 year-old, but they have bumpers and ramps and the kids love it.

I’m a little meh about bowling in general, but it’s a solid option when the weather is bad. We’ve been 3 times in the last couple months, twice with a big group of friends, and I’m sure we’ll be returning every few weeks throughout the summer. It’s a good way to practice turn-taking, carrying around the 4 lb balls wears them out a bit, and the beer selection isn’t terrible.  And how adorable are these toddler-sized bowling shoes??



100 Days of Summer 2017, Day 1

The weather in NYC this spring has been weird. Mostly grey and unseasonably chilly with just a handful of gorgeous spring days and just as many super hot summery days. But here we are- Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial start of summer. We had a great time at our friend Adrian’s 4th birthday party at the Playground for All Children at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, one of our favorite playgrounds in Queens. 2 beautiful cakes, running around with lots of friends, and 2 year-old Hux napped through the first half, giving me time to chat and relax a little instead of only chasing him around while trying to carry on conversations in constantly interrupted bits and pieces. Perfect.